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How Outsourcing Insurance Verification Can Help Staffing Issues

Limit billing errors and focus on assisting your dental patients with outsourced insurance verification. At CallForce, we offer a range of services to improve your patient experience, optimize your office processes, and eliminate staffing issues. Discover how our insurance verifiers can help your dental practice with staffing problems below.

Clear your desk by letting our team at CallForce handle the verification of dental insurance policies. Call 801-901-8852 to see how we can make your dental practice more efficient.

How to Avoid or Alleviate Staffing Issues with Outsourced Insurance Verification

As your dental practice grows, so does the amount of office work. What your team could handle with five members may now require eight. Depending on your budget, available office space, and other factors, hiring new personnel may prove infeasible. Outsourcing verification tasks can help alleviate some of the growing pains by delegating simple tasks to third-party professionals.

Let’s explore how outsourcing your insurance verification process can alleviate staffing problems.

Remedy Unpaid Claims

Outsourcing your verification process often includes extra perks from the third-party provider, such as:

●      Frequent reporting

●      Data analysis

●      Professional advice

These additional services allow you to spot patterns with your insurance billing and remedy recurring issues with unpaid claims.

Make Fewer Errors

Some of your staff members may experience difficulty verifying complicated insurance documents, leading to possible errors. However, our veteran insurance verifiers at CallForce follow rigorous verification procedures so that your dental practice does not face any issues with claim submissions. Also, your staff can operate more efficiently without the added stress of verifying insurance.

Optimize Your Office Processes

Reduce your back-office duties and front desk clutter by entrusting your dental insurance verification process to our experts at CallForce. By outsourcing, your front desk staff will not waste valuable time collecting insurance information over the phone. Your team can also avoid other repetitive steps in the verification process by outsourcing to CallForce.

Focus on What You Do Best

Outsourced insurance verification allows your staff to focus on core competencies. Our professional team follows proven verification procedures so that you and your staff can put more effort into treating patients and growing your practice. We eliminate the tedium related to several insurance-related tasks, giving you time to think, plan, and execute.

Receive Fewer Rejections

Our seasoned verifiers collect and organize all the necessary insurance information to submit successful claims to prevent your staff from needing to deal with denials and losing track of their other duties at your dental practice. Your team can concentrate on their designated tasks to improve your business while our dedicated team of insurance verifiers handles the time-consuming paperwork.

Increase Productivity

Relieve your staff of the pressure associated with collecting detailed dental insurance information from each of your patients. Hiring our professionals at CallForce to verify the insurance eligibility of your dental patients will boost your productivity and overall efficiency. Your staff can amplify their performances by completing tasks related to their qualifications.

Experience Fewer Claim Disputes

A claim dispute can put a strain on your entire staff because it causes delays and pulls them away from their day-to-day tasks. At CallForce, we assign dedicated agents to your dental practice so that you can center your attention around patient care. To help you experience fewer claim denials, we contact each of your patients on a regular basis to verify and update their insurance information.

Speed Up Your Billing

Our professionals at CallForce follow precise verification procedures for dental insurance, allowing your practice to submit valid claims and receive payment on time. As a result, your staff will have more time on their hands to perform other tasks, like working with patients, improving front desk operations, or dealing with sales representatives.

Save on Operating Costs

Our verification services at CallForce allow you to spend less time and money on training. Hiring new staff members to learn intricate verification processes doesn’t always work out. Instead, your dental practice can expand and treat more patients by outsourcing insurance verification to our specialized verifiers at CallForce. This arrangement should resolve any staffing issues that you may experience.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

When you outsource your verification processes to our experts at CallForce, you receive transparent, accurate records of your patients’ insurance information. You can then provide a full breakdown of benefits and limitations to patients, which will result in happier clients and more positive online reviews. Your staff will also receive fewer complaints, allowing them to concentrate on their core duties.

Generate More Revenue

Effective insurance policy verification means a higher approval rate for your claims. It also means your claims receive approval more quickly. Fewer claim denials and speedier billing cycles will generate more revenue for your business. Your dental practice can then apply that extra revenue to remedy any other ongoing staffing problems.

CallForce: Your Insurance Policy Verification Solution

Streamline your dental business by outsourcing your insurance policy verification process to CallForce! As America’s premier answering service, appointment booker, and insurance verifier, we remain committed to making our clients’ dental practices more efficient. Contact one of our friendly representatives to discuss all of the services we offer, including insurance verification.

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