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How does insurance verification increase my patient satisfaction and practice revenue

June 30, 2021

As a dental professional, you may not have good words to say about insurance companies. It is understandable. Working with them is  cumbersome and takes quite a lot of time - plus all that paperwork or data entry that has to be done on behalf of the patient. 

However, just like every cloud has a silver lining, insurance verification also offers a few benefits for your patients and your practice. For some dental professionals, this may be hard to believe. But continue reading, and you will learn how it will for your practice. 

Insurance Verification: How Does It Benefit my Practice?

Your Patient Gets the Best Possible Treatment 

Verifying insurance is not to create unnecessary hurdles or delays - but to make sure that your patients get the safest, minimally invasive treatment that suits their dental and overall healthcare needs.

Peace of Mind 

No doubt, the process of insurance verification can be time-consuming and challenging at times. However, once the treatment has been approved, then it means that there is no hurdle in offering the planned treatment to your patient. No risk of rejection or fear of not getting paid by the insurance company after the treatment has been completed and then having to go back to your patient with a bill where you told them there wouldn’t be one.

Reduced Expenditures

It’s likely that most of your patients don’t understand what their dental insurance covers or what the difference between a prophy and periodontal scaling and root planning is, or how it effects their total bill. By knowing before the appointment what their insurance will and will not cover, you’ll be able to have an informed conversation about treatment and what the financial obligations will be for your patients.

Building Good Relations with your Patients 

You’ve likely been in many situations where you have to tell your patients that their insurance claim has come back and they have to pay much more than they expected. Such a situation can produce angry customers - who may utilize their social media or verbal communication powers - to vent their anger and frustration - affecting your practice rating. Of course, you don’t want that. There is a simple solution to avoiding this situation; get your patients’ treatments preauthorized!

We understand that your main aim is to provide quality treatment to your patients - and we at CallForce want the same thing. Let us join hands and do what is best for our patients while ensuring minimal treatment costs and generating good practice revenue.

For more information on insurance verification, please reach out to our customer success managers.

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