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Put your practice on the modern edge of patient communication

Allow patients to send chats on your practice's website, managed seven days per week by our trained team.

60% of younger patients would rather use website chat than call

As the world moves more digital, so are your patients. Many patients would rather chat because it offers them the ability to schedule an appointment in places they can’t call. Plus, only 8% of practices have chat on their website, allowing you to stand out with higher quality service.

All Chat messages come to a Scheduling Professional

Using our Chat software, we engage with patients with the goal of getting them on the schedule. We use the same techniques we use on the phone to fill your calendar with qualified potential patients.

See how we message your patients

Our team is trained to respond to messages in a friendly and professional way. Take a look!

Sherman Dental

Single Dental Office with 2 front desk staff. Missing 15 calls per week.

Our team schedules right into your calendar

Our team works with you to lay out exactly how you schedule appointments. How long do cleanings take? How much time do you need for prep? All of those questions are answered and clearly taught to our team.

Then, we plug directly into your Practice Management Software so when we schedule an appointment, there is no extra work for your team. We even report on how many people we schedule. And remember, you only pay when we receive a chat.

Open over 100 hours per week

Chat only works if someone is immediately there to answer. Without quick responses, chat apps are frustrating and can drive away patients. With CallForce, we are there 7 days per week, ready to answer any chat that comes our way.

Monday - Friday

5:00 AM - 9:00 PM MST

Saturday & Sunday

7:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST

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