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Dental insurance verification services

Our team of Insurance Specialists verify each patient's insurance information, so you can provide them exactly what they need.

Most patients have over $200 of unbilled care for a cleaning visit

For some insurance providers, a cleaning could include fluoride, X-Rays, and many other services, allowing you to provide better patient care. However, many practices do the same procedures every visit, not taking into account the differences in provider coverage. We have found that, on average, dentists can earn $200 more per patient cleaning by using a verification service like CallForce. That translates to thousands of dollars every year.

Verified by your team's dedicated Insurance Specialist

Our Insurance Specialists are specifically trained to get you the information you need as quickly as possible. You will have a dedicated agent for your team who is available during your office hours.

Once your agent verifies a patient's insurance, they input the information into your practice management software. We guarantee that our information is accurate and will adjust our note taking to better fit your needs.

Pay per verification + No Contract

We only charge you a fee when we successfully verify the insurance of a patient. No questions asked. Unlike other companies, we don't charge for last-minute verifications. Whenever you need insurance verified, you simply reach out to your agent. Best of all, there is no long term contract or monthly minimums. We want you to stay focused on growing your practice, not spending money on services that don't work.

We work with all practice management systems

Our team works with you to perfectly understand how you note insurance verification. We want to do it exactly as your team does now, so you can focus on patient care and not worry about mistakes.

Then, we plug directly into your Practice Management Software so when we verify an appointment, there is no extra work for your team. We even report on how many verifications we have done each week. And remember, you only pay when we verify patients.

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