Don't let overdue patients slip away

Dental Recall Services

Let CallForce do the heavy lifting for you! Our Dental Recall Service fills your calendar by setting cleaning appointments with overdue patients.

60% of patients haven’t seen their dentist in 18 months

For dentists, that means 60% of their business is not scheduled to come in again. For the profitability of a practice, this number is crucial. Improving overdue cleanings by 10% can lead to $100k in revenue a year.

Our team schedules 33% of patients spoken with

We schedule 33% of every recall patient onto your calendar for a cleaning. This is 2x higher than the industry average and what sets our recall service apart. We can get these rates because of our highly trained team of Scheduling Professionals. They have the training, personality, and expertise to schedule more patients than anyone else.

Call when patients have time to talk

Between work, family, and school, patients don’t have much time to talk. That is why CallForce is open during the evenings and on weekends. Our research has found that patients are at least 3x more likely to answer during these times than during business hours.

Listen to how we answer patients

Our team is trained to make phone calls in a friendly and professional way. Take a listen!

Hear how we do Recall

Pay per appointment scheduled + No Contracts

We believe in our Recall Service so much that you only have to pay when it works. Plus, you control how much you want to spend each month. As we fill your schedule, you can cut back the spending. Schedule open up? Turn it back up again. Our goal is to get your revenue where it should be regardless of your budget.

Our team schedules right into your calendar

Our team works with you to lay out exactly how you schedule appointments. How long do cleanings take? How much time do you need for prep? All of those questions are answered, clearly taught to our team, and contained within the doctor profile.

Then, we plug directly into your Practice Management Software so when we schedule an appointment, there is no extra work for your team. We even report on how many people we schedule. And remember, you only pay when we schedule patients.

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