Schedule high value treatment

Our highly trained team of Treatment Coordinators call your patients to schedule treatment you recommend.

60% of recommended treatment never gets completed

When you recommend treatment for a client, you know there are risks if they don't complete it. Further damage, pain, and loss of daily life can be drastic to your patients. Many patients simply forget what you recommend. With a friendly reminder, they are back on track to a life of complete health.

Treatment Coordinators: CallForce’s elite group of dental experts

Treatment Coordinators are the best of the best at CallForce. They have been working in dentistry for over three years and have been trained in all things treatment. They know the difference between a root canal and a cleaning. That these treatments require different amounts of time.

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How do we handle emergency phone calls?

How do we handle pricing questions?

How does CallForce handle a question we don't have the answer to?

Only pay when we schedule treatment

We believe in our treatment services so much that you only have to pay when it works. Plus, you can specify how much you want to spend each month. As things get busy, you can ramp down the spending. Need more work? Crank it back up again. Our goal is to get your revenue where it should be regardless of your budget.

Make calls after hours. 50% more people answer.

We make calls from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm local time when patients are twice as likely to pick up the phone. Our treatment coordinators will schedule appointments directly into your practice management software. No stress on your front office.

Hear how we schedule treatment

Our team is trained make phone calls in a friendly and professional way. Take a listen!

Hear how we schedule Treatment

Our team schedules right into your calendar

Our team works with you to lay out exactly how you schedule appointments. How long do cleanings take? How much time do you need for prep? All of those questions are answered and clearly taught to our team.

Then, we plug directly into your Practice Management Software so when we schedule an appointment, there is no extra work for your team. We even report on how many people we schedule. And remember, you only pay when we schedule patients.

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